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We work with you to create technology solutions using
an iterative approach so you can see constant progress
while providing feedback throughout development.

What We Do

Falkon Technologies is a comprehensive technology consulting firm that offers a complete spectrum of technology solutions from front-end strategic creative web development to back-end custom application, database development and infrastructure support services.

Software Development

API Inegrations

Managed Solutions

IT Consulting

UI/UX Strategy and Design

Private/Hybrid Cloud Hosting

Database Management

Data Extraction & Automation

Falkon has a comprehensive suite of tailored software development solutions including for responsive web applications and mobile applications. We build scalable software for your business and industry-specific functions that is easy to upgrade as your business needs change.


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Falkon Facts

23 years providing innovative technology solutions

    Successfully completed 3,156+ projects

        3,852,774+ lines of code written

             1509  free snacks eaten

                    247 satisfied clients

                        Flock of 23 Falkons

                            Powered by 87 cups of coffee daily

                                Our Falkons have a tenure of 5+ years

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As a consulting firm, Falkon Technologies consistently has a large variety of 
ongoing projects, providing plenty of opportunities to focus on any technological areas in which you are specifically interested.

If COVID taught us nothing else, it’s that people work differently. We provide a relaxed dress code and are flexible in working hours and remote working but we’ve found that our team collaborates best when we’re in the office together, enjoying our constantly updated selection of free snacks, coffee, and caffeine. 

Falkon offers full benefits as well as many training opportunities to advance your career.